Adolf is bi-polar, what do to? Try to stay calm and hopefully you can obtain divine bliss rank which is the Highest.

What happens if Adolf is Angry? As he collects anger he might end up Evil. That also gives you rank, but the lowest one.

What makes Adolf go Evil? Agressive Points. But other way you get Chill Points.

How to get these Points? Depending which effect you want, but NFT items give these effects. Agressive Points makes your Adolf Angry and Chill Points Calm. Seek the Traits and EXP levels. These effects can trigger on community poll voting and on anime. Maybe in the future we can hire the right person for making the staking web3 platform for blockchain game purpose.

Agressive Items: Cigarettes -1, Black Coffee -5, Energy Drink -10, Cocaine -25, Too Much Power -100

Neutral: Coffee with Milk, Tea and Bad News.

Bliss Items: Reading Bible +1, Smoking Pineapple Express +5, ASMR Meditation +10, Yoga on the Moon +25, Charity +100

These items will be sold openly on Opensea, Rarible etc.

These card packs are available in Q1-Q2, 2022 and gives effect how the Anime storyline will go.

As we said… Hans is writing whitepaper with Grey Aliens. Script is been written with time and token holders.

What do we know right now? Everything.

How? Because of the VRIL – an infinity, a true source of power, a god perhepz? We’ll find out.

Do Adolf has emotions?
Yes, he does. In our metaverse.

What is the mission of this project? Lets explore declassified documents, learn about the secrets and combine them with logic and fantasy to write a new humourous anime together for netflix list. Hopes are high, funds are low, so we gather the funding and try to make it work with the crypto.

How this NFT acts?
It is non fungible token that can be traded. With some traits and effects it gives possibility to participate with the community voting that writes the scenes and decides the Adolfs fate. And so much more. 

Stay tuned for IDO and MINTING information.