Adolf Yacht Club Presentation for secret private investors

We are gathering private funds for covering the main blockchain, web, design and copyrights cost. We also use the funds for making Adolf Token. We are here with the High End Milestone Plans. We want to make the luxury nft club and rise the floor price early on. We have High Expectations, but everything depends upon you.


Who'm we hope to gather ?

Well, there are always some sharks understandably, but hopefully we get those kind of Genesis Owners that actively hypes the project as their own. We are not only seek investors, but also club members who independently can wear this rank with purpose to say only good things for this project. We are building this together.

Whitelisted and Airdrop eligible ranks for each private investor

There will be Genesis Adolf Yacht Club Collection for the private investors. You can mint 1 – 5 NFT’s total in private presale. Each NFT minting cost 1 ETHEREUM and from our side, we put few of the Genesis NFT’s for sale with public floor price starting as 3 Ethereum. Everything beyond that is up to you gentlemen.

Meaning that if you mint 5 NFT’s, it will cost you 5 ETH and right after the public sale the floor price will be set for 3 ETH and if that holds up, you have 5 Adolfs with pricetag as 15 ETHEREUM. If we hold the line, it can only go up, but ofcourse the standing floor price depends on the sales. It will grow organically after that tho.


So what are you waiting for?


What are THE Great Plans?

PSY Season Sneakpeak
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Well, firstly we are very grateful to get some action with that kind of NFT project. Very excited about that.

Private Genesis Sale: NFT Genesis ( Mint price: 1 ETH | Public Floor Price set to be 3 ETH )

Adolf Token: We will be launching Adolf Meme Token and Adolf Yacht Club Elite Members ( Genesis ) are eligible for the airdrop. Every minted NFT will be equal as 1% from the Rewards Pool Economics.

Spacefarms. Adolf Yacht Club Events for gathering virtually and discussing things.

Unique Staking Idea: If you own Adolf Yacht Club NFT you can enter through the moon portal and stake your NFT to mine some Adolf Token. Unique is the result which is animated NFT and you get that by staking your NFT for a certain locked time.

Season II: Transcendence Psychedelic… onlt NFT owners can participate. Every NFT owner have the whitelist for entering and minting special PSY Adolf and floor price will be set double the minting price.


We have more things to announce later on.

So, yeah… please. Reserve your spot now.

Adolf Yacht Club 2022